How to Start Your Own Truck and Heavy Equipment Washing Business

You could start your own business, and benefit yourself, with your own truck & heavy equipment washing service business. Trucks, and the trucking business, are the straight back bone of the United States. Without trucks, everything comes to an end. Most trucks are driven, hundreds of thousands of miles, each, as they are usually on the road driving most of the time. Trucks are used for hauling, and usually have high priced advertising on the sides, and they like to keep it clean looking. Because there are numerous customers on the roads, just about everywhere you drive today, trucks have big ads on them.

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If you’ve ever examined the price of truck washes, over the interstate, you should. They charge more than you think, for washing a big rig. Trucks are pretty big, and take some time to clean them right. If you prefer working outdoors, and washing big rigs, bulldozers, road graders, cranes, and more big equipment, you will enjoy being in business for yourself, washing and cleaning them. This could be quite a fun job and you could really enjoy doing it, if you like being around truckers and big rigs and enjoy hearing about different loads, and different road trips, from all sorts of drivers, can be very interesting sometimes.

A lot of big equipment, is used for grading, hauling and moving rock and dirt. Just basic construction equipment, as well as other sometimes dirty muddy big size equipment, can be your most useful customers. Lots of heavy equipment is on a rental, or lease basis. If a small contractor gets a job that needs him to use a bulldozer for many weeks, he would more often than not, rent or lease one. That could be cheaper, instead of going and purchasing one, then having to store it, and maintain it. When he is done renting it, he needs to return it in clean condition, and so the next rental person gets a clean machine also. You can clean all types of heavy equipment, these machines are usually too big to bring to a car wash, so you need certainly to take the car wash for them!

Independent truckers are nice trucks to get washing jobs from. And, if you get lucky enough, you might land a fleet job, with a few, or even hundreds of trucks to scrub, and keep clean every day. You can grow your business, and also have others washing trucks and equipment for you. You can make up a flier, and pass it out to all the truck stops, gas stations, rest areas, diners, truck garages, towing companies, and more, in the region, and let them know you are in operation.